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Google Adwords is a very useful tool to get your website noticed immediately and on Googles first page. Here in the image you can see a typical google ad :

Google adwords example barcelona

The search above was for "restaurant barcelona" and the yellow box is the advert at the top and on the right of the screen and the white background below is the generic search terms. To get to the 1st page in google in the generic term, you must use SEO and online marketing which is an ongoing and multifaceted process. It takes time and depending on your search terms (keywords), you may find it difficult to compete with the established websites.

Google Adwords is a way to see immediate results, the downside is that you have to pay for it. The trick is to make sure that each time you pay for a potential client, you are sure that client wants your product. Below we have an example from our Barcelona Google Adwords Services:

Keyword targetting through Barcelona Computer SEO

If, for example you had a restaurant in Sagrada Familia, you could be mistaken for believing that you should try to aim for your main keywords as “restaurant barcelona”. Now on our studies, we found that there are 30,000 competing sites for these terms. To get to page 1 you would need a miracle, unless you paid for advertising (such as google adwords). But even then you would have over 3000 people a day clicking on your ad, and you would pay up to 40c per click. How many of these people would want to eat in sagrada familia? Maybe 30? if so you have paid 1200 euros to get a maximum of 30 potential clients.

How to make SEO work for you with Barcelona computer SEO

Keyword TARGETTING is the way you hit the correct clients, saving money. If you targetted the keywords restaurant sagrada familia, there you will see only 3 pages of competition, and they are badly optimized websites . You could easily get to page 1 in google, and whilst you waited for google to move you up, your advertising costs would be minimal, for example, 20c per click multiplied by 30 clients or 6 euros a day for potentially 30 diners.

This is a simplistic way for us to show you how using a web marketing expert can drive traffic to your site.

We have extensive experience managing Google Adwords accounts. The planning stage helps you to focus on your goals, and the implementation allows you to target your potential clients. If you would like us to offer you a free consultation, dont hesitate to contact us.

"At Barcelona google adwords services we use techniques learned over 6 years of keyword targetting, to ensure your google adwords account is optimised to bring the best investment to profit ratio available."

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