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Barcelona Computer PC Support - fixing computers in BCN for 6 Years


pc support in BarcelonaDid you make a backup? are those the words you shudder to hear, most people forget.....When something fails, thats when you remember, but we at Barcelona computer pc support can help.

All though is not lost, if you return your pc or laptop to the store you bought it from, and you have any problem with it, they wont attempt to keep your data, they will send it away for 3-4 weeks and return it cleaned. Here at Barcelona Computer pc support, we aim to save your files, with techniques we have used successfully for 6 years. If we cant save them, we will replace the faulty component and have your pc up and running within a day, at half the price you would expect from the big pc superstores.

Just like humans, computers are fallible. Things break, antivirus programs run out, we drop laptops, this is normal. Our job at Barcelona computer pc support is to take the worry out of it for you. We can promise a fast and reliable service, that you wont regret

  • Failing computers and laptops
  • Pc support to your door
  • Virus problems
  • Parts replacement on computers
  • Windows installs and restores
  • Software installation
  • Speeding up your computer
  • Upgrading your pc
  • Advice on buying your next pc

Barcelona Computer PC support is here to help you with all your computer problems in Barcelona