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Websiste lost in Google? How to get a web presence with Barcelona SEO services


SEO in BarcelonaSEO in Barcelona is in its infancy. We aim to change that at Barcelona computer SEO services. It is an opportunity for those who use SEO in Barcelona to leapfrog the competition before the masses catch on. At Barcelona SEO services, we know how difficult it can be to be found in google. There are many SEO techniques in use these days, some you have to pay for, some you dont. Some are frowned upon by google and some are not. It pays to work your way up through the google hierarchy without being banned for using illicit means.


Anybody who promises you no. 1 ranking immediately in google, is either lying or is talking about paid advertising.

Any real growth in your website must be done methodically and correctly or google will block your website and you will have to start again. At Barcelona SEO services, we only use white hat techniques, which google approve of. Any other seo techniques will over time destroy all of the hard work that you have done.

As its an ongoing process, it should be planned carefully, to maximise your impact on the web. It can be many facets of marketing together, or using one stream to best effect. Either way the key to your successful climb up the google ladder to page 1 is a good keyword targetting strategy.

Keyword targetting through Barcelona SEO services

The first and most important stage of SEO is keyword targetting. It may seem simple yet the entire strategy of your marketing campain will be based on these few small words. If you dont get it right, you have to start again. Using the restaurant example again Google adwords restaurant strategy , if you choose the keywords restaurant barcelona, our research shows over 30,000 potential competitors that have established websites, and many that are optimised correctly for google and have been there years. To compete with these keywords is business suicide, so at barcelona seo services we targetted the keywords "restaurant sagrada familia", or "galician restaurant barcelona", or "chuleton barcelona", you will attract 10-20 hits a day per keyword set, which is focussed EXACTLY on what they are looking for, and has much more likelihood of turning into paying clients. The other benefit is there is almost no competition for these keywords, the websites are poorly made and it will be quick and easy to leapfrog them into the first places. As your website grows and google looks to you as a solid business, so you improve in the ranking for "restaurant Barcelona" by default.

As you can see there are many SEO strategies to drive business quickly to your site, as long as it is optimised for google and well structured, the potential client will stay with you and spend.

Barcelona SEO services techniques to make google work for you

Apart from Keyword targetting, there are many techniques that are used to force google to take notice of you. These include:

  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Website optimisation
  • Link building
  • Competition analysis

These are but a few of the ongoing strategy that you will need to use. The only way that you will be better than the competition and attract more and better clients is with an ongoing well planned online marketing strategy, and that is what we offer you at Barcelona SEO services.

"We at Barcelona SEO promise that the SEO, SEM, online marketing, keyword targetting, article submission, and SEO techniques that we use will be legal, ethical, and successful. If you decide to use Barcelona SEO, you wont regret it "